Parama Vaishnavi Tara Mata



Hindu Shastras tell us about ‘Dasha Mahavidhya’ – the ten incarnations of Adya Shakti Mahamaya Devi Durga who is represented in ten different kinds of ‘Shakti’ or Energy. They are ‘Kali’, ‘Tara’, ‘Shodoshi’, ‘Bhubaneshwari’, ‘Bhairabi’, ‘Chinnamasta’, ‘Dhumabati’, ‘Bagalamukhi’, ‘Matangi’ andKamala’. The images of these ten Mahashakti, adorn the temple of Tara Mata at our Kankhal Mission, Haridwar. Each deity, however, has symbolic significance, which can only be realized with the help of Sadguru., Our pujas and prayers are offered to Tara Mata,  the Dwitiya Mahavidhya.. According to the Hindu Shastras, MotherTara is also known as Neel Saraswati, the Goddess of Divine Knowledge. Swami Mahananda Giri Maharaj introduced the worship of Tara Mata according to Vaishnavachar . He condemned all animal sacrifice, and advocated His disciples to offer Bilwapatra, flowers, fruits and Ganga Jal (sacred water of river Ganges) mingled with deep devotion and implicit faith. According to this great yogi  – true sacrifice is sacrifice of one’s own evil desires. Bhajan , Nam Sankirtana and Kumari puja are essential parts of our puja and prayer to Tara Mata.

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