Seva Work

Mahananda Mission is a charitable and philanthropic institution dedicated to render selfless service in diverse capacities. It lays highest stress on SEVA WORK —– service to mankind irrespective of caste, creed and faith.

The Mission runs homeopathic charitable dispensaries where numerous patients receive treatment& medicine free of cost. It also arranges physiotherapy and blood donation camps.

The Mission entertains quite a lot of applications from deserving persons to meet their social obligations.

Besides financial assistance to individuals based on receipt of applications, relief by providing food, distributing cloths & blankets to the victims in the event of natural calamities are also undertaken.

The Mission also donated sizeable amount to the Red Cross Society, “All Purpose Benevolent Fund” of Governor of West Bengal, Relief Funds set up by the Chief Ministers of various states  in the National Disasters, like devastating floods in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in the year 1978, Defence fund in the wake of Kargil War, “Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund” for the victims of Tsunami etc.

Daridranarayan seva during our annual Festivals/Utsavs too form part of our seva work.

Participation in Magh Mela and  Kumbha Melas—at Haridwar or Allahabad(Prayag) wherever it is held, is an outstanding feature of our Mission’s activities. Rendering bountiful free medical help on such occasions is a challenging job. Understanding manifold miseries faced by the pilgrims, we organize Seva Camps with First- Aid CHARITABLE Dispensaries fur Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments.  Team of qualified and experienced Doctors work round the clock in the First- Aid Posts assisted by trained nursing staff, contingent of Scouts and disciplined volunteers.  The Mission earned recognitions from Government as well as the public for the high standard of service it rendered there.

Eyes are essential organs  of human body. So every year, we organize Eye Camp (free of cost) for public and distribute spectacles to needy persons.. We also help those patients who need eye operation, to get it done and provide whatever after care is necessary.

All the services stated above incurrs huge expenses besides manpower and are being carried out purely on voluntary services and subscription / donations from the members, patrons and well wishers for which we are very thankful to them. But the spiraling costs and our desire to extend the SEVA work are putting serious pressure on both the resources and need to be augmented to fulfil the above objectives. We shall be very grateful for any generous help in this direction. One may contact us at All donations to this Mission are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G.

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